PubCoder Review. Create & Distribute Interactive Content on any Platform. Features, Pricing, Alternatives, Pros & Cons (2023)

In this PubCoder Review, we will take an in-depth look at this AI-powered software and see how it can help you create content for your blog or website.

We’ll cover everything from the basics of using the software to more advanced features that can save you time and effort.

What is PubCoder?

If you’re not familiar with PubCoder, it’s a powerful yet easy-to-use authoring tool that allows you to create beautiful digital publications enhanced by animations, videos, sounds, widgets, and touch gestures.

You can publish responsive apps for iOS, Android, ebook, or HTML5 from one project file, without any coding.

With PubCoder, you can create digital publications such as books, magazines, and catalogs. The software comes with a wide range of features and tools that allow you to create rich and interactive content. You can also add multimedia elements such as audio, video, and animation to your publications.

One of the best things about PubCoder is that it’s very user-friendly. Even if you’re not a technical person, you’ll be able to use the software with ease. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Plus, there’s a wide range of tutorials and support resources available if you need help getting started.

Overall, PubCoder is a great option if you’re looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful authoring tool. It offers all the features and tools you need to create rich and interactive digital publications.

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Who is PubCoder for?

PubCoder is for anyone who wants to create digital publications, from magazines and newspapers to catalogs and ebooks. Whether you’re a design professional or a complete novice, PubCoder can help you bring your vision to life.

Best for

  • Graphic designers
  • Visual artists
  • Web design agencies

Why PubCoder?

PubCoder is an app that allows you to create beautiful, interactive ebooks and publications. But why should you use PubCoder instead of other similar apps?

Here are some reasons:

– PubCoder is very user-friendly and easy to use, even if you’re not a technical person.

– With PubCoder, you can create publications that look like they were professionally designed, without having to hire a designer.

– PubCoder offers a wide range of features and options, so you can create publications that are truly unique.

– You can publish your publications online or offline, and they can be viewed on any device.

– PubCoder is constantly being updated with new features and improvements.

PubCoder Features

PubCoder is an online publishing platform that makes it easy to create and distribute digital publications. PubCoder has a variety of features that make it a great option for anyone looking to create a digital publication.

Some of the key features of PubCoder include:

-A user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create publications without any design or coding experience.

-A wide range of templates and themes to choose from, so you can create a publication that looks professional and unique.

-The ability to add multimedia content, including video, audio, and images, to your publication.

-Built-in social media sharing tools make it easy to promote your publication online.

-The ability to sell your publication online through the PubCoder marketplace, Google Play, ….

PubCoder Integrations

  • Adobe
  • Google Fonts
  • Photoshop
  • Unsplash
  • Vimeo


  • GDPR-compliant
  • White label

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use platform to create digital publications, PubCoder is definitely worth checking out.

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PubCoder Pros and Cons

Now that we have PubCoder, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this new software.


-The interface is much more user-friendly and intuitive than the previous version.

-There are now more options for customizing your publications.

-The export options are improved, and you can now export to ePub3 format.

– Free trial of 30 days.


-The software can be a bit buggy at times.

-The learning curve can be steep for some users, especially if you’re coming from another software program.

PubCoder Pricing Plans

There is a 30-day trial that includes:

  • No credit card required
  • Full access to all features
  • Simple email signup
  • Runs on macOS & Windows

Standard € 99/ YEAR

  • + VAT if needed
pubcoder pricing

PubCoder Alternatives

If you’re looking for an alternative to PubCoder, there are several options available. Here are a few of the most popular:

1. Adobe InDesign – Adobe InDesign is a widely used professional page layout application. It offers many of the same features as PubCoder, including the ability to create fixed-layout eBooks and digital publications.

2. QuarkXPress – QuarkXPress is another professional page layout application with support for creating eBooks and digital publications. It offers a slightly different set of features than InDesign, so you may want to try both to see which one better suits your needs.

3. iBooks Author – iBooks Author is Apple’s free eBook creation software. It’s designed specifically for creating books for the iPad and iPhone, but can also be used to create PDF eBooks that can be read on any device.

4. Sigil – Sigil is a free and open-source eBook editor with support for creating EPUB files. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a more lightweight alternative to InDesign or QuarkXPress.

Executive Summary

As the name suggests, PubCober is a tool that helps you write executive summaries. It’s simple to use – just enter your text and hit the “create” button. The app will then automatically generate a summary for you.

If you’re not happy with the results, you can always edit the summary yourself. PubCober also lets you share your summaries with others, so you can get feedback on your work.

Overall, PubCober is a great tool for anyone who needs help writing executive summaries. It’s easy to use and provides good results.

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