Hey! It’s a me! Mario!

My name is Mario, and I was born in a small town in Spain.

When I was 14, I moved alone to a new city to keep studying

The good part, I was 14, on my own, in a mixed student residence.
The bad part, I was 14, on my own, in a mixed-student residence.

So I learned to solve my problems by myself, and when you are 14 and alone, you will screw things up (big time).

Programmer at heart, I worked for several years; terrible in the beginning, average after a few years, and developed a full game by myself in the end (the dream of any geek 🙂).

One day I moved to Thailand, where I was introduced to (really, really, really) spicy food, Yoga, and a new way of feeling life.

I have been working as a SEM specialist for more than 7 years (I think Google is bleeding anyone that dares to use it, it is the most enormous waste of time and money if you don’t know what you are doing…) and as a yoga instructor in my free time (only for friends, sorry!). 

Father of a vigorous and active kid (according to his pediatric).

Character-wise, I would say that I’m an average person, with good days, normal days, and stay-at-home days, making the best of what I have (nah, that’s what I tell myself, sometimes I do good, other days ….), who will always offer you a healthy snack when you come to visit (I don’t have even beer, no wonder why I have so few visits…).

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