Hey, do you know how much money you’re losing by not knowing how to sell yourself? If you get it, this might interest you.

How to have a line of people hungry for your products and services

The other day I went to a race.

One of those 10 km races.

Lots of people, good vibes, lots of energy, you know.

At the end of the race, on the side, there was a huge line.

Given the number of people, I expected to see Trump or a congress of online marketing experts promising to multiply my income by 7 in less than 7 minutes.

But no.

They were giving away a drink and a sandwich.

They were lining up because they were getting a free drink and a bite to eat.

Everyone was dressed. They also seemed like people with showers at home.

What could lead a well-fed person to wait an hour in line for a sandwich?

No idea…

So I sat on a terrace that was empty, right across from them.

I ordered a bottle of water and a sandwich.

Total: $3.50.

Sitting, relaxed. It was $3.50 or an hour in line.

Ask around.

Would you wait an hour in line for a free beer and sandwich or pay $3.50 to save an hour of your time?

99% will say they’ll pay $3.50. 

Some might even be offended, “What do you take me for?”

Yet, if you go to a race, you’ll see a huge line and, across from it, an empty bar.

So, I do the following:

1. Listen very carefully to what the people I want to sell to are saying.

2. Research deeply what they really mean. (We all know what we say, what we think, and what we do often don’t align)

3. Offer it to them, just in case they want it.

And that’s what you should do when selling something.

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A brief lesson in motivation

Look closely.

What I’m about to tell you is very good for selling online.

The other day I was sitting on a terrace, reading the great Tom Wolfe, with a coffee, and at the next table, there were two guys around 20 years old.

One of them kept telling the other,

“But dude, what do you have to lose? Tell her you like her, you already have the no.”

The other nodded but wasn’t very convinced.

That advice is usually given with good intentions. “You already have the no.” But it’s a lie. 

You don’t have the no.

What do you mean you have nothing to lose?

What about your pride?

What about your dreams?

What about your dignity?

What about your heart in a puddle?

You lose many things when you secretly like someone and they say no to your face.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t try, far from it, but I’m talking about the message. The message that tries to persuade the other person to do something.

“Go for it. You already have the no.”

It’s a poor message. It’s not a good argument. Just because it’s well-intentioned doesn’t mean it’s valid.

It’s not stimulating. I read a ton of sales pages that say, “I’ll help you.”

Well, fine.

Now I’m going to tell you what I heard a guy say to his very shy brother.

“Go for her. She’s going to say no.”

“Then why should I go for her?”

“Because it’s much more important to lose your fear than to lose her. The fear is yours, she isn’t.”

That’s how you get the indecisive’s blood boiling.

That’s how you motivate.

That’s how you “draw” inside people’s heads.

With that, the shy guy perked up.

He went for the girl, the girl said no, of course.

Because besides being shy, he was ugly and poor. Too many issues for one person.

But that day, he stopped being a coward. So he stopped being poor and ugly.

Because daring is always attractive. Always.

It just takes some time and a few failures to shape it.

For those who understand the beauty (and the huge profitability) of rejection and also understand the huge profitability of being daring, I may have something…

I write a DAILY email about copywriting and online selling. All emails offer my services. You can unsubscribe anytime.

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