Hexomatic Review 2023: Features, Pricing, Alternatives, Pros & Cons (2023)

A web scraper like Hexomatic is a program or script that extracts data from a website. It can be used to extract text, images, or any other type of information from a website. Web scrapers can be used for a variety of purposes, including data mining, market research, and competitive analysis.

The proper web scraper can make a big difference in your business. Hexomatic will help you save time, money, and headaches.

But with so many options out there, how do you choose the right one with the features you need?

Hexomatic is a great web scraper to consider for businesses of all sizes.

In this Hexomatic review, I’ll look at the features and benefits that make this platform stand out from the rest.

Let’s dive right into this review.

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What is Hexomatic?

Hexomatic is a web scraper that uses point-and-click functionality on a no-code, cloud-based work automation platform.

Hexomatic can Tap into 40+ ready-made automations and turn any website’s data into a spreadsheet or dumb excel spreadsheet formulas or JSON format.

Who is Hexomatic for?

Hexomatic is best suited for Sales and marketing teams looking to automate time-consuming repetitive tasks related to internet research.

Hexomatic Features.

Here are all the features to consider.

Create your own web scraping recipes to turn any website into a spreadsheet or JSON API.

Hexomatic provides a simple point-and-click interface for scraping large volumes of products, directories, prospects, and listings in seconds. There is no programming or complex software needed.

Find new prospects for every sector, discover email or social media accounts, convert content, and add tech stack data to your leads. Get traffic estimates at scale, and much more.

Hexomatic features 90+ ready-made automations you can deploy in minutes.

Scrape and analyze listings from any website

Create a Reaxys recipe by following the instructions in the “How to” tab. In addition to product names, descriptions, prices, pictures, and other data on any website, you may scrape information such as product categories.

SEO meta tags

Extract SEO meta title and meta descriptions for each product page

Content analysis

Calculate the word count for each product page

Find 100’s prospects in a few clicks using Google Maps

Google Maps

Find leads using Google Maps

Email scraper

Find email addresses for each prospect

Social links scraper

Find social media profiles

Discover Tech Stack

Examine each website’s technical stack data.

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Monitor Amazon sellers for specific products

Amazon product search

Provide the ASIN for a product on Amazon

Currency converter

Get data on each Amazon seller’s product including price, condition, and rating.

Enhance your backlinking outreach with this plugin

Google Search

Find all websites that mention a product or brand using Google search automation.

Email scraper

For outreach, gather email addresses for each website.

Social links scraper

From social networks, you may connect directly to the person’s social media profiles.

Traffic insights

To prioritize prospects, get traffic estimates.

For any device size, create batch captures in bulk.

Extract links from a page

Provide a list of URLs or a spreadsheet.

Screenshot capture

Create a screenshot for each URL (7 device sizes available including mobile and 4K desktop)

Perform SEO analysis at scale

Sitemap extractor

Provide the XML sitemap URL of any website

SEO meta tags

The SEO meta tags (title, description, Open Graph, etc) are updated for each page capture.

Content analysis

Calculate word count

Extract links from a page

Extract internal or external links

Get page content

Scrape-specific content tags

Convert images at scale

Files & Documents finder

Provide a list of image URLs

Image converter

Convert images into JPG, PNG, or PDF formats

Translate ad creatives or products at scale

Data input

Provide a CSV file containing a list of text

DeepL Translation

For each row translate to any language using DeepL

Hexomatic Software Integrations

hexomatic software integrations

How does Hexomatic work?

Reclaim your time with the no-code point & click growth hacking platform. Use ready-made automations to grow your business on autopilot by tapping into the internet as a data source.

Scrape data from any website in minutes.

Gather routine data sources with no code automation stack and no code data extraction using workflow templates.

With our visual point-and-click scraping recipe builder, you may easily automate time-consuming data collection.

Hexomatic’s product and store search software, which is used by a number of major e-commerce sites including Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, automatically detect goods in photos so you can capture them manually in seconds.

Recipes may be combined and expanded using ready-made automations.

No coding or Ph.D. in programming is required.

Get access to native, community, and premium automation (other paid monthly services).

Run your scraping recipes on-demand or set them to run automatically and get fresh, precise data that syncs natively to Google Sheets or may be integrated into any automation sequence. Hexomatic runs in the cloud 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you to tackle any size project with ease. Each package comes with a monthly renewing

90+ ready-made built-in automations to supercharge your workflow

Transform your data in minutes using our pre-designed automations for things like sending bulk emails, editing documents, downloading massive amounts of information, and more. Find contact information, and particular document kinds, convert images, extract SEO data, identify tech stacks, conduct WHOIS queries, and so on.

Start with a scraping recipe, CSV or Google Sheet, and combine automations to perform repetitive tasks on your data at scale.

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Accessibility audit

The audit analyzes the accessibility and usability concerns expressed on each page. The audit is based on the following standards: IBM Accessibility, WCAG 2.0, and WCAG 2.1.

Article scraper

Provide an article URL and extract description, keywords, summary, and article image.

Content analysis

Get the word count of any page. Figure out how much content a page has, is useful for SEO and competitive research.


Crawl a website and extract pages, source URLs, and links (both internal and external). Each URL is checked for response codes. It may be used as a basis for additional automations such as the SEO meta tag, email scraper, screenshot, picture, or file downloader.

Crop images

Our crop image automation will save you hours of time by eliminating the need for tedious editing. Our automation is perfect for generating large numbers of cropped photos for social media, blog pictures, printed advertising, and other uses.

Cryptocurrency converter

Automatically convert prices between two crypto currencies.

Currency converter

Automatically convert prices between different currencies.

Data input

Provide a list of URLs, text, or TXT/CSV files as input for scraping recipes or automation inside your workflow.

We currently support four types of data inputs:

File upload – Let you upload CSV, TXT, IMAGE, PDF, AUDIO, or JSON files.

File URL – This lets you specify the URL of a CSV and TXT file.

Manual paste – Let you copy-paste a list of URLs or keywords and iterate through each in your workflow. You can also paste blocks of text.

Then, you may use other automations to complete various work activities for each URL, Keyword, or data supplied in the data entry.

Supported image formats include: .jpeg, .png8, .png24, .png, .gif, .bmp, .webp, .raw, .ico, .jpg.

Supported audio formats include WAV, MP3, and FLAC.

Date transformation

Automatically convert one date and time format to another. For example from MM-DD-YYYY to DD-MM-YYYY


To customize your notifications, send a message to a Discord account and narrow down the results.

To connect Hexomatic to Discord, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the settings page
  • Click connect with Discord
  • Sign in to your Discord account
  • Select the desired Server and Authorize

Discover Tech Stack

Find out what technologies and third-party services are currently in use on any page by searching for them. It allows you to look for certain technology stack combinations. Ideal for detecting websites at scale and flagging those that utilize a certain technology or provider.

Discover WHOIS

Discover WHOIS details for a domain name, including registration and expiry date.

Discover profile

To discover contact information and social media profiles, provide an email address or a username.

Email Address Validation

Automatically check whether an email address is valid and deliverable. It validates the email through regex and then pings the relative MX server.


  • Unknown – when unable to verify
  • Valid – verified (existing)
  • Invalid – verified (not existing) or not an email
  • Disposable – temporary emails (checking against more than 115k domains)

Emails scraper

Automatically capture all the email addresses published on a page.

Extract domain from URL and Email address

Save the domain from any URL or email address. This is useful for saving a single resource from a list of URLs or emails.

Extract links from a page

Retrieve all of the links from a website. You may choose to extract just internal, external, or all of the links on a page.

Files & Documents finder

Automatically find and extract files or documents from a page.

This is ideal to find for example all JPG or PDF documents from a list of URLs.

Files compressor

Combine several files into a single zipped folder (1 Automation credit per added file).

Filter Data by criteria

You can also create custom logic in the Workflow Designer. You may limit how many rows are removed based on conditionally evaluated data inside your workflow dataset by setting unlimited filters.

Find & Replace or Remove

Appending, prepending, replacing, or removing data from a CSV file or Google Sheets dynamically is possible.

Get page content

Get the visible text on any page. This is great for taking a page’s content without including the HTML source code.

Google Drive (Export / Sync)

Save any file from your workflow to your Google Drive account.

Google Sheets (Export / Sync)

Automatically export or synchronize your data to Google Sheets

Google Sheets Import

Provide a Google Sheets file as an input for scraping recipes or automations within your workflow.

Grammar & spelling audit

Automatically detect grammar and spelling mistakes on any page URL or text.

HTML grabber

Get the HTML source code of the page and save it as a .txt file.

Image converter

Convert images from one format to another. For example from PNG to JPG or PDF formats.

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Connect to Integrately and send data from your workflow to thousands of compatible apps on autopilot.

To connect Hexomatic to Integrately, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the settings page
  • Copy your Integrately API key
  • Sign in to your Integrately account
  • Search for Hexomatic in Apps and create an automation
  • Click on Add Connection and Paste your API key

Keyword finder

Automatically check the presence or absence of inputted keywords on a page.


Connect to KonnectzIT and send data from your workflow to 100’s compatible apps on autopilot.

To connect Hexomatic to KonnectzIT, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the settings page
  • Click connect with KonnectzIT
  • Sign in to your KonnectzIT account
  • Create Konnectz and search for Hexomatic
  • Copy the webhook URL and add it under the webhook section in Hexomatic

Logo and favicon finder

Find the logo and favicon for any website quickly. Ideal for research and personalizing your outreach or reports.

Make, formerly Integromat integration

You may take part in the Maker ecosystem by clicking on the button below. This integration allows you to connect Hexomatic data with 1000s of applications inside the Make ecosystem, including CRM, analysis, and communication tools.

To connect Hexomatic to Make, formerly Integromat, you have to follow the steps below:

Go to the settings page

  • Copy your Make, formerly Integromat API key
  • Sign in to your Make or Integromat account
  • Create a new scenario and search for Hexomatic
  • Select action type, create a webhook, and set a connection
  • Type in the API key and save

Mathematical operations

Input data or select your own data source to perform basic arithmetic operations.

Measurement units converter

Convert length, temperature, time, area, volume, and weight measures. For example, convert kilometers per hour to miles per hour.

Microsoft Teams integration

You may keep your staff informed in real-time using our Microsoft Teams integration. Send data and receive notifications as your procedure finishes. To tailor

To connect Hexomatic to Microsoft Teams, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the settings page
  • Click connect with Microsoft Teams
  • Sign in to your Microsoft Teams account
  • Go to the APPs
  • Search for “Incoming Webhooks”
  • Click on “Add to a Team” and “Set up a connector”
  • Copy the generated Webhook URL and paste it under the webhook section in Hexomatic

Numbers transformation

Convert numbers to different number formats. For example from the EU to the US format

Pabbly Connect

Send data from your workflow to thousands of compatible apps on autopilot by integrating with Pabbly Connect.

To connect Hexomatic to Pabbly Connect, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the settings page
  • Click connect with Pabbly Connect
  • Sign in to your Pabbly Connect account
  • Create a workflow and search for “Webhook by Pabbly”
  • Copy the webhook URL and add it under the webhook section in Hexomatic

Phone number scraper

Automatically find and extract phone numbers from web pages.

Pull contacts

Provide a website URL and discover email addresses, phone numbers, and social media links found on the page.

QR code generator

With our QR code creator automation, you can open up new mobile commerce and lead-generating possibilities. Create a QR code that can be printed on business cards, product packaging, or posters. Users who scan the QR codes may be directed to any URL after they have been printed on anything other than an online screen.

RSS feed extractor

Returns structured summary of RSS feed content.

Redirect extractor

Provide a list of URLs to get the number of redirects and the final destination URL.


Extract information from any text by searching for a specific search pattern.

Remove duplicates from a spreadsheet

Remove duplicate rows from a CSV file or Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Resize and compress images

Using the cloud, automate time-consuming picture resizing and compression activities. Our automation is perfect for ecommerce photo optimization, blog image optimization, personal photos optimization, and more.

SEO meta tags

Get all of the SEO meta tags, including the meta title, description, canonical tag, robots tag, open graph, and Twitter card tags. These are utilized by search engines to understand the page’s content as well as to create the page title and description seen in search engine results pages.

SQL database connector

For data scraping, you may extract information from any SQL database inside your workflow and utilize it as a basis for scraping recipes or automations (5 automation credits per query to get up to 1000 data points at a time).

Schema scraper

Any page’s schema structured data may be extracted. This microdata markup is frequently used by search engines to generate rich snippets such as review ratings or product information on search results pages.

Screenshot capture

Capture a whole workflow’s worth of web page screenshots automatically as part of the process using one of eight different device sizes.

Sitemap extractor

Disables the sitemap’s page-level filtering, allowing you to collect all URLs from a sitemap or scrape a website via its sitemap.


Send a notification to a Slack account and filter results to fine-tune your notifications.

To connect Hexomatic to Slack, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the settings page
  • Click connect with Slack
  • Sign in to your workspace
  • Select the desired channel to receive notifications

Social links scraper

Automatically capture all the social media profile links found on a page.

Structured data converter

Converts data files into structured data formats. Supported data formats: .JSON, .XML, .CSV.


Send a message to a Telegram account and filter the results to customize your notifications.

To connect Hexomatic to Telegram, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the settings page
  • Click Connect with Telegram
  • Select the desired channel to receive notifications

Text transformation

Allows a variety of formatting options for text such as capitalizing, case changing, etc.

Twitter profile data

Get up-to-date profile information for a specific Twitter account, including when it was founded, where it’s located, whether it’s verified, follower numbers, and tweet counts.

URL status checker

Automatically check URL server header response code.

Video links extractor

The plugin automatically detects and decrypts video links on the page. Youtube, Vimeo, Rutube, Facebook, and Instagram are just a few of the supported video streaming platforms.

Visualization by Google Data Studio

Create fully customizable and informative graphical reports that are simple to read and share using your data.


Send data to any application programmatically via webhooks.

To connect to Webhook, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the settings page
  • Select API/Webhook
  • Insert your Webhook URL under the Webhook field

WordPress media upload

In a few clicks, bulk import photographs and other media to WordPress. The WordPress media upload automation also allows you to add the file’s title, alternate text, caption, and description. On autopilot, Hexomatic will upload data from the following formats: .jpg,.jpeg,.png,.gif,.pdf,.docx,.ppt,.pp

WordPress post

With our Hexomatic WordPress automation, you may create brand-new WordPress postings from any data source right in your process.

XML sitemap generator

Create an XML sitemap from your structured data (each request is rounded up to the next 100 URLs).

Zapier Integration

To link Hexomatic to Zapier, go through the following procedures:

  • Choose a workflow
  • Click on add new automation icon and search for Zapier integration
  • Click on connect
  • On the redirected page create a Zap
  • Click on Hexomatic and “Sign in to Hexomatic”
  • Enter your Hexomatic account email and paste your API key
  • Press continue and set up a trigger

Now for the premium automations, you can:

Tap into premium automations to leverage 3rd party services

Without having to build your own scraping recipe, you may use Google search or Google maps to find leads in a few clicks, then combine other automations to discover contact information, assess the technology stack, and even estimate the traffic for each prospect in minutes.

Amazon data is accessible, and you can tap into Google Translate or DeepL to get traffic insights for any website right within your workflow, with no APIs or additional subscriptions required.

AI Audio transcription

It lets you read any text using the same method: looking at keywords in the text. It converts audio files into text without requiring you to type anything. Text is converted by speech recognition technologies, which automatically convert audio files into text. Each request is rounded up to the nearest increment of 15 seconds (rounded down if it’s less than 15 seconds).

AI Document OCR

Document OCR is a technique that may be used to convert text into images of varying quality.

The AI document OCR automation can recognize text from documents via Google Vision AI at scale in minutes. Supported document formats: .pdf, .tiff.

AI Image OCR

This software utilizes Google Vision AI and can automatically recognize and extract text. .jpeg, .png8, .png24, .png, .gif, .bmp, .webp,

AI Sentiment analysis

In minutes and without using any code or machine learning, evaluate financial news, scraped content, product reviews, and user-generated content to understand positive, negative, or neutral sentiment at scale. Sentiment analysis may be used on any text or URL within your workflow to determine whether it is good, bad, or neutral in tone. It uses 0

AI Text to speech

Enables text to be converted into speech sounds imitative of the human voice via Google Text-to-Speech.

AI image labeling

Imgcleaner uses Google Vision AI to find and extract image labels. The following image formats are supported: .jpeg, .png8, .png24, .png, .gif, .bmp, .webp, .raw,

AI image safety

Google Vision AI can be used to check for image safety. The following image file formats are supported: .jpeg, .png8, .png24, and. png.

AI logo detection

Google Vision AI technology may be used to extract product logos from photos. The following image formats are supported: .jpeg, .png8, .png24, .png, .gif, .bmp, .webp, .raw, and.ico. tiff and jpeg are some of the most frequently utilized image format.

Amazon product data

Get comprehensive product page information for any Amazon product listing. An ASIN number is used and the resulting data includes title, description, price, and reviews.

Amazon product reviews

In a few clicks, extract Amazon product reviews at scale right from your Hexomatic process. Insert the ASIN of the desired item, and Hexomatic will return a list of product evaluations, including the product’s rating, complete review texts, and more. This automation consumes 0.36 premium credits per batch of 10 results.

Amazon product search

Amazon searches may be done and results obtained through our managed automation (0.09 premium credit per query to get 100 search results). No proxies or scraping recipes are required.

Amazon seller finder

Use your Amazon-related codes to get data scraping on the sellers.

Baidu search

Our managed automation enables you to use Baidu searches and obtain results (0.04 premium credit per query to get 100 search results). There are no proxies or scraping recipes required.

Bing search

Get results for Bing searches using our automated system (0.04 premium credit per query to receive 100 search results). There are no proxies or scraping recipes required.

DeepL Translate

The Advanced Machine Translation feature allows you to use the DeepL service for an advanced machine translation (0.0009 premium credit per character). It supports both formal and informal cases.

Email Verification (EasyDMARC)

Perform sophisticated multi-layer validation to identify invalid or disposable email addresses that might harm your email deliverability. EasyDMARC produces syntax, bounce, MTA, spam trap, disposable, catch-all, domain, and SMTP email checks using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

EasyDMARC is a B2B SaaS that solves email security and deliverability problems just in a few clicks.

Email discovery

List of domains and email addresses discovered on the website or revealed on the internet

Google BigQuery

You may use Google, public, or commercial data to create powerful and compelling intelligence reports inside your process. This is a great place to start for automations since the credits are calculated based on the number of bytes processed by your search query and the data extraction scanned.

Google Maps

Our skilled team can utilize our managed automation to identify and include your SERP results in Google Maps (0.04 premium credit per query to obtain 100 search results). No proxies or scraping are necessary.

Google News

Get SERP results for your keywords via our expert management. There are no proxies or scraping recipes necessary.

Google Search

Using our managed automation, conduct Google searches and obtain results (0.04 premium credit per query to get 100 search results). There are no proxies or scraping recipes required.

Google Translate

Update the app’s language locale.

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Google image search

The results are displayed one by one in a Google search box. The first link is the most trustworthy and relevant to your keyword, so it’s the one that gets recommended. A quick Google image search will assist you to identify whether others have used your product or service.

Google seller

Input a list of Google product IDs to get pricing data of all competing sellers.

Google shopping automation

Perform Google searches for products, compare them, and get recommendations using our automated software (0.1 premium credit per query to obtain 100 search results). No proxies or scraping techniques are necessary.

Malicious URL checker

Check your site for URLs that link to known undesirable internet sites, such as social engineering, phishing, deceptive, or malware distributing websites.

SEO backlink explorer

Examine backlinks for an entire website or a specific page (2.5 premium credit per query to get each 1000 results).

SEO backlink intelligence

We track and report on the number of backlinks, position in search engine results pages (SERPs), keyword rankings, bounce rate, and social media metrics like likes and followers – all based on current SEO trends. We offer precise data extraction to help you make smart decisions about your marketing strategy. You’ll receive valuable information for any domain or page as well as

SEO referring domains

Find any referring domains (and their SEO metrics) that link to the entirety of a website or a certain page (2.5 premium credit per query for every 1000 results).

Traffic Insights

This WordPress plugin allows you to see how popular a certain website is. For example, if you want to know what the expected monthly visits are for any URL, enter it into the box below and press ‘Get traffic insights.’ You’ll also receive estimates of monthly visits and traffic breakdown (0.4 premium credit per domain).

Tripadvisor Search

Get information on businesses listed on the Tripadvisor platform, such as company name and rating.

Trustpilot Search

Tap into one of the world’s largest business review directories as a new source of data or B2B leads featuring business information and reviews for a range of sectors.


Use our managed automation to connect your keyword list with YELP results data (0.15 premium credit per query for each 10 search results). No proxies or scraping techniques are required.

Yahoo search

Create a free account at Search.com and generate a list of potential keywords by executing Yahoo searches with our managed automation (0.04 premium credit per query to get 100 search results). No proxies or scraping recipes are needed.

To access premium automations simply subscribe to our optional premium credits subscription available for just $4.99/m.

Create your perfect workflow in minutes

Create workflows from a list of keywords, URLs, a CSV file, or any website scraping recipe. Then combine additional scraping tasks and automations to do things with your data.

Salespeople may find and enhance leads on autopilot, saving hours of manual labor. Marketing teams can use machine translation to tap into new markets, and data sources, and translate creatives at scale.

SEO teams can use complex data extraction scraping to scale. Data entry and research staff may create their own scraping bots and utilize pre-existing automations to collect and process data at large volumes.

Create any workflow by chaining together automation blocks and custom actions

In reality, Hexomatic’s no-code, point-and-click work automation platform runs 24/7 in the cloud and can help just about any sector scale time-consuming chores. There’s no software to install or coding expertise needed. You may automatically export your data in CSV, to a Google sheet, or sync it to a live Google

Hexomatic Pricing Plans

Hexomatic comes with 4 plans + a custom one.

You can pay monthly or yearly (saving 2 months) and all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Free $0/mo

  • $0 billed upon purchase
  • 75 Automation credits (Monthly renewing quota)
  • 1 Simultaneous running workflows
  • Export to CSV and Google sheets
  • Notifications to Telegram, Slack, email
  • Get access to community automation recipes

Bronze $24/mo

$24 billed upon purchase

All the benefits of Free, plus:

  • 2000 Automation credits (Monthly renewing quota)
  • 5 Simultaneous running workflows
  • Scheduling
  • Access premium automations (requires premium credits)
  • Access residential proxies (requires premium credits)

Silver $49/mo

$49 billed upon purchase

All the benefits of Bronze, plus:

  • 4500 Automation credits (Monthly renewing quota)
  • 10 Simultaneous running workflows
  • Unlimited Create your own scraping recipes
  • Advanced integrations
  • Datacentre IP rotation

Gold $99/mo

$99 billed upon purchase

All the benefits of Silver, plus:

  • 10000+ Automation credits (Monthly renewing quota)
  • Unlimited Simultaneous running workflows
  • API
hexomatic pricing

Hexomatic Pros and Cons

Hexomatic is a great tool for sales and marketing teams who need to automate repetitive tasks related to internet research. It’s easy to use and has a wide variety of automations available. It’s also affordably priced, with a free plan that offers 75 credits per month.

There are a few downsides to Hexomatic, however.

First, it doesn’t offer a lot of customization options for workflows.

Second, the platform can be a bit buggy and unreliable at times. Overall, though, Hexomatic is a great tool for sales and marketing teams looking to automate their internet research.

Hexomatic Alternatives

If you’re looking for an alternative to Hexomatic, there are a few options available.

One option is Scrapely, which offers a similar point-and-click interface and a wide variety of automations.

Another option is Parabola, which offers a more robust workflow builder and a wide variety of integrations.

Finally, Apify is another option that offers a similar no-code interface and a wide range of automations.

Executive Summary

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, cloud-based work automation platform with a wide variety of automations available, Hexomatic may be the tool for you.

It’s affordably priced and comes with a free plan that offers 75 automation credits per month.

There are a few downsides to Hexomatic, however, such as limited customization options but, as we have covered in this Hexomatic review, is a great overall scraping tool.

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