Google Ads Checklist 2023: Your Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarter Routine + PDF

Hello everyone!
First of all, this is NOT a Google Ads optimization checklist to create a Google Ads Account.

This is NOT a checklist to create Google Ads campaigns or ad groups.

This is NOT an optimization checklist to create Ads.
This is NOT a responsive search ads checklist.

This is a checklist to optimize Google Ads campaigns; to know WHAT and WHEN to check things in your Google ads account.

Who is this Google Ads Optimization Checklist for?

It is for anyone that has a Google Ads Account running, and with a few fixes for any ppc campaigns.

What if I am a beginner?

You will use it for sure

What if I am a mega-pro?

You will check for yourself what and when I check things in my Google Ads accounts.


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How to use this Google Ads Checklist?

First of all, check the spreadsheet and make a copy for yourself. Your google adwords optimization checklist:

Google Ads Checklist in Google Drive

Go to File – make a copy.

google ads checklist - make a copy

Open the Google Ads Checklist and you will see 4 tabs:

  • 1-3 Daily Tasks
  • Weekly Tasks
  • Monthly Tasks
  • Quarter Tasks

1-3 Days Tasks Tab

The purpose of this Tab is to Audit your search terms.

  • Look for extra negative keywords and relevant keywords as long-tail opportunities.

Weekly Tasks Tab

On a weekly basis, you will check the performance of your google ads account.

Keyword Search Review in your Ad Groups

  • Identify keywords that are not performing well.
  • Review match types (broad match keywords, exact match, ..)
  • Check Keyword status (limited,…) in your ad groups.

Ad Review

  • Identify Ads with poor performance by conversion rate
  • Identify Ads with poor performance by low-quality score
  • Identify Ads with poor performance by low CTR
  • Review Ad Strength: Add or update until we get a Good or Excellent score
  • Check limited ads.
  • Check disapproved ads.

Audience & Demographic Targeting of your Google Ads campaigns

  • Review new potential new audiences to add

Budget pacing checks (Google Ads Campaign Level)

  • Check how your daily budget is being spent.

Recommendations Tab of your Google Ads Account

  • Review system-generated recommendations

Monthly Tasks Tab

On a monthly basis, you go deep into your performance

  • Review match types(exact match, broad match keywords..) in your ad groups.
  • Auction Insights Report (Ad group level)
  • Complete Ad Copy Split Testing
  • Landing Page Review
  • Ad Extensions Check & Google Ads Account Recommendations
  • Quality Score (keywords & ads)
  • Google Analytics checks to review bounce rate and average session time
  • Check all conversion actions are working
  • Identity searches from non-targeted locations (and exclude locations) (Google Ads Campaign level)
  • Payment & Account budgets (Google Ads Account level)

Quarterly Tasks Tab

With enough data you can check this:

  • Search for possible bid optimizations in your search ads to improve performance
    • Hour of the day / Day of the week
    • Demographics by: age, gender, income, location
    • Review location performance and add bid optimizations (if required)
  • Check your Google Ads Campaign Goal Settings

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5 PRO Tips for your Google Ads Optimization Checklist

  1. I have 1 Google Ads Checklist per Google Ads Account.
  2. As default, when I start my Google Ads campaigns I check the first tab daily for the first week.
  3. After the first week, I check it for 2-3 days, it depends on how big is the Google Ads Account.
  4. When I check anything I mark it in the tab with the date
  5. I create a note for anything unusual or to keep track of

For any questions, just feel free to email me!

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