EmailWritr Review: Is this the Definitive Creator of Email Sequences? See its Features, Benefits, Pros & Cons, Pricing, and Alternatives (2023)

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach out to your customers and potential customers and that´s where EmailWritr comes into play.

It’s a direct line to your audience, and you can personalize your messages so that they feel like they’re getting something special, just for them. Email marketing also allows you to track your results so that you can see how well your campaigns are performing.

There are a lot of email marketing platforms out there, but not all of them are created equal. EmailWritr is a new platform that promises to make creating and managing email sequences easy and effective. So, is it worth your time? Let’s take a closer look.

What is EmailWritr?

EmailWritr is a software that allows you to automatically create high converting emails sequences that boost open rates, engagements, and sales.

How does EmailWritr work?

It’s as simple as ABC — you just need four easy actions to take your email marketing to the next level with just a few clicks.

  1. Select your niche and industry, as well as the sort of email you want, in EmailWriter.
  2. Answer a few questions about your products/services and your intended audience.
  3. When you click on ‘Create Email Sequence,’ the program will generate a 5-9 day email sequence in one go.
  4.  Send the emails to your list. Check how your CTR, conversion rates & sales increase.

EmailWritr Features

With EmailWritr you will:

Save Time

It may take years of study and practice to learn how to craft emails that convert. However, with EmailWritr, you won’t have to go through the learning curve.

Save Money

You won’t ever have to spend another penny on an overpriced email swipe or hire a costly copywriter again thanks to this amazing program!

Grow Your Business

Stop sending regular, uninteresting emails. EmailWritr can help you build stronger relationships with your mailing list by generating better emails that boost sales and expand your company.

End Writer’s Block

Do you ever find yourself looking at your computer all day, with nothing to show for it? Even if you have no prior experience, EmailWritr can help you quickly produce powerful emails.

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EmailWritr Email Types

Ecommerce Emails

  •  Welcome Email Sequence
  •  Post Purchase Email Sequence
  •  Black Friday Email Sequence
  •  Cart Abandonment Email Sequence
  •  Holidays & Special Occasions Sequence
  •  Cyber Monday Email Sequence
  •  New Product Alert Email Sequence
  •  Upsell & Cross-Sell Email Sequence
  •  Product Of the Week & Month Sequence
  •  Re-engagement Email Sequence

SAAS Emails

  •  Pre-Launch Email Sequence
  •  Launch Email Sequence
  •  Re-engagement Email Sequence
  •  Free Trial Invitation Email Sequence
  •  Email Sequence for Free Version Users
  •  Post Trial Email Sequence
  •  Affiliate Program Email Sequence
  •  LTD & Time Limited Offers Sequence
  •  New Feature Release Email Sequence
  •  Sequence to Win Back Free Users

Real Estate Emails

  •  Cold Seller Leads Reactivation Sequence
  •  Buyer leads Email Sequence
  •  Buyer Clients’ Email Sequence
  •  Cold Buyer Leads Reactivation Sequence
  •  Seller leads Email Sequence
  •  Seller Clients’ Email Sequence

B2B Agency Emails

  •  Prospecting Email Sequence (Cold Outreach)
  •  Follow up Sequence
  •  Inquiry Reply Emails
  •  Referral Request Emails
  •  Testimonial Request Emails

Webinar Emails

  •  Invite to Own Webinar
  •  Follow Up – Reminder
  •  Encore Webinar Email
  •  Change In Webinar Date Emails
  •  YT FB & IG Live Training/Broadcast
  •  Webinar Replay Email
  •  Webinar Invitation Emails for Affiliates
  •  Webinar With And Authority
  •  Webinar Replay Email

Other Email Types In Different Niches

  •  Welcome Email
  •  Affiliate Promotion Sequence
  •  Own Product/Service Promo Sequence
  •  Soap Opera Sequence
  •  Daily Seinfeld Sequence
  •  Storytelling emails
  •  Re-engagement Emails
  •  Educational Email Sequence

Who is EmailWritr for?

Local Business Owners

EmailWriter will help you to develop your customer base and income by employing powerful email copy.

Freelancers & Agency Owners

You’ll save time while creating hard-hitting emails that you can use to promote your services and attract new clients.

Online Business Owners

If you run a business that sells services, digital products, or tangible items online, you may use EmailWritr to generate any sort of email for your company.


With EmailWritr, you will be able to finish copywriting tasks more quickly and provide greater email correspondence to customers. This will result in you completing more projects, meeting more clients, and most importantly, increasing your revenue.


EmailWritr will assist you in obtaining better email marketing results whether you’re promoting your own items, suggesting goods as an affiliate, or assisting someone with his email marketing.


Have a new business or are considering starting one? Use this software to compose effective emails to reach out to your early subscriber base, develop your brand, appeal to a broader target audience, and significantly expand your startup company.

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Why Choose EmailWritr?

Cloud Hosted

There is no software or script to download and install on your computer. Simply log in to your EmailWritr account and create high-converting emails.

Easy To Use

All you have to do is tell EmailWritr about what you want to advertise, and the program will take care of the rest.

Create Unlimited Custom Email Sequences

You’ll be able to develop a bespoke email sequence by describing your product, service, and even audience in limited terms.

Unlimited Saved Projects

You can have all your saved projects, high converting email sequences, email marketing campaign even your own handy email bank saved.

Request custom written emails

With just a few clicks and just a few questions, you can request custom written emails, even a txt file.

Unlimited personal Scripts

Unlimited Custom Email Sequence

There’s no limit to the number of email sequences you may build with EmailWritr. You have the option of one per day or a thousand. It’s entirely up to you.

All email types

You may create all email formats you want without limitations, regardless of whether you have the basic, standard, or premium plan.

DFY Email Sequence

If you want to get your message in front of the right audience, you’ve come to the right place. With these email swipes, you’ll be able to reach an enormous number of people who are interested in what you have to say. You’ll be able to change the emails to fit your company and provide them.

Generate Unlimited Single Emails

Aside from the fact that you may create sequence-based emails, EmailWritr also has a function that allows you to produce single-sided communications.

Enjoy Unlimited Upgrades

You can follow the developments of any new feature or update at no cost. What’s more, since this software is cloud-hosted, you won’t have to download the updates; everything will be handled automatically.

More Emails & Email Templates

Every few months, we’ll add more and more email types, industries, and niches to the mix. We’ll also be adding new emails and PRO-exclusive DFY email templates every month.

Different Industries & Niches

You may produce emails for nearly any industry or niche, such as real estate, eCommerce, coaching and consulting, freelancing, and so on.

Export Email Sequences

You can export your emails to a variety of file types, including PDF, DOC, and even TXT. (Coming Soon).

Swipe 1500+ Email Templates

These email templates are created in a way that allows you to customize them by filling in the blanks.

Edit Saved Projects

You may access saved email sequences from your account and modify, add to, or delete them at any time.

Add Personal Emails

You may utilize EmailWritr as a virtual database to save all of your emails for future reference. You can store limitless single and sequence-based emails.

Create Personal Scripts

Use the ‘custom template tab’ to develop your own custom niches/industries, email types, reusable scripts, and email templates.

Custom Written Emails

You may have your own unique email addresses written for you by our team of professional copywriters. This is a service that has an additional charge.

Simple dashboard

The most important feature is the ability to access all of your saved projects, personal templates, performance statistics, and customized emails from one master dashboard.

24/7 Support

If you have any queries or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us by email. We offer 24/7 support via a support ticket or private chat.

emailwritr roadmap

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about EmailWritr

What Is EmailWritr?​

EmailWritr is a software that allows you to create highly converting emails by responding to a few questions about your product/service and your target audience. It may be used to generate any sort of email for any industry or niche.

How can this software help me?

The most effective marketing technique is email marketing. Unfortunately, creating emails that convert is a difficult task. You have to either spend time learning how to do it yourself or pay copywriters to perform it for you. EmailWritr solves this problem by allowing you to generate high-converting emails in minutes.

How can I use it?

Simply login into your account, choose your industry/niche, describe your product/service and audience, and then click the ‘create’ button. nOnce you’ve done that, the program will generate a full sequence for you. Then you have the option of editing or sending the emails to your list as is.

What kind of emails Will I be able to Create?

There are over a hundred different email sorts that you may generate, including B2B cold emails, B2B cold emails, promotional emails, soap opera messages, Seinfeld messages, re-engagement emails, welcome emails, and relationship-building emails.

Will the emails I’ll write with the software convert?

The makers of EmailWritr, a software that allows you to write and publish professional-looking emails in minutes, are a group of seasoned developers and top email copywriters. As a result, the emails you’ll produce with the program will convert provided your list isn’t dead.

Will you be adding more industries and their email types?

Of course, as the site grows, we will be adding additional categories and email kinds.

Will this software be supported in the long run?

We aren’t like other companies who make some quick cash and then vanish. We’re a steady firm that’s here for the long term.

Can I save the emails I create for future reference?

Yes. You can save all your emails and be able to view, edit or export them whenever you choose

Is there an Autoresponder integration?

Users have requested that we develop a feature that allows them to send their EmailWritr-generated emails directly to their autoresponder. Some of our users have asked if they may forward the emails they create with EmailWritr to their autoresponder without manually copying and pasting them. Our team of developers is currently working on this functionality.

Do you provide support?

The second advantage of using any of our programs is that you’ll never be working on it alone. Our fantastic support staff will always be there to help, lead you, and answer all of your questions if you get stuck.

Can I get a refund if I “don’t like” it?

EmailWritr has been used by hundreds of company owners, copywriters, and email marketers to good effect. That’s why we’re confident you’ll enjoy it. If you’re dissatisfied with the software for any reason, just let us know and we’ll cancel your account and return your money.

EmailWritr Pricing Plans

EmailWritr comes with 3 pricing plans. The big differences are the AI Rewrite tokes/month and in the Premium Plan, you can´t construct your own personal templates, generate standalone emails, or email bank.

Premium ($ 29 /Month)

Create 500 Custom Sequence

Generate 300 DFY Sequence

Create emails in any industry of your choice

Create All Email Types

1,000 Ai Rewrite Tokens/Mo


No EmailWritr Branding in Emails

Save Unlimited Projects

Supports 3 Users


24/7 Hours Support

Expert ($ 39 /Month)

Create Unlimited Custom Sequence

Generate Unlimited DFY Sequence

Generate Standalone Emails

Create emails in any industry of your choice

Create All Email Types

3,000 Ai Rewrite Tokens/Mo

Construct Your Own Template

Email Bank


No EmailWritr Branding in Emails

Save Unlimited Projects

Supports 10 Users


24/7 Hours Support

Enterprise ($ 49 /Month)

All Expert Plan Features

Create Unlimited Custom Sequence

Generate Unlimited DFY Sequence

Generate Standalone Emails

Create emails in any industry of your choice

Create All Email Types

30,000 Ai Rewrite Tokens/Mo

Construct Your Own Template

Email Bank


No EmailWritr Branding in Emails

Save Unlimited Projects

Supports 50 Users


24/7 Hours Support

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emailwritr pricing

EmailWritr Alternatives


EmailOctopus is the low-cost email marketing solution that provides you with the essential features you need to grow and engage your audience.  Create beautiful email campaigns with the drag and drop editor, or choose from a library of ready-made templates. You can also build landing pages and pop-up forms for collecting new subscribers. 


The easiest way to build your newsletter. Buttondown is a small, elegant tool for producing newsletters.


Email is ultimately the media that converts your followers, friends, and prospects who write to you on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, your Website, etc. to customers. 

Executive Summary

EmailWritr is a software that allows you to automatically create high converting emails sequences that boost open rates, engagements, and sales.

EmailWritr comes with 3 pricing plans, the biggest difference between them being the AI rewrite tokens/month.

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