Adminify Review: Features, Pricing, Alternatives, Pros & Cons (2023)

Adminify provides an all-in-one dashboard for managing your WordPress plugins, which will increase your productivity.

Having a few plugins in WordPress is important because too many can slow down your WordPress website.

In addition, it is more productive to have all of your plugins in one dashboard so that you can easily manage them.

But with so many options out there when creating WordPress dashboards, how do you choose the right one that has the features you need?

WP Adminify is a great online solution to consider for businesses of all sizes.

In this WP Adminify review, I’ll look at the features and benefits that make this platform stand out from the rest.

Let’s get started.

What is Adminify?

Adminify is a platform that allows administrators to customize their WordPress Dashboard as well as give users greater control over their WordPress site’s settings. 

It has 19+ modules, including Media Folders, Login Customizer, Menu Editor, Admin Columns, Activity Logs, Admin Notice Disabling, WordPress White Label, Admin Page, Google Pagespeed Insights.

Try WP Adminify 14 days for free.

Adminify Features

Admin Columns

You may organize and manage the WordPress admin columns in this plugin. You can turn your WordPress admin displays into streamlined overviews.

Media/Post Type Folders

WP Adminify’s Folder plugin is a useful tool for organizing all of your Pages, Posts, and Media files. It works with any post type, including WooCommerce products. Dragging and dropping posts or media into distinct folders is straightforward.

WordPress Media Library Folders

WordPress Media Library Folders is a great feature to help you organize your posts and media files. This plugin provides an easy way for you to drag and drop your posts and media into distinct folders, making it easy for you to find what you need.

Google Pagespeed Report

It is a great feature for administrators to help them improve the speed of their website. The report provides insights into potential areas of improvement and suggestions on how to fix them.

Google Pagespeed Insights

It’s the most effective method to monitor the speed of your site. Dashboard Menu now allows you to keep track of any webpage performance statistics. It’s Google Lighthouse integrated, so it gives a lot of recommendations.

Pagespeed Insights

If you want to get a comprehensive understanding of how Google Pagespeed Insights may help you make informed decisions, read on. Google Lighthouse is included here, which provides you with more tips for making a fast website. Compare your current and past results by browsing history.

Admin Notices

Do you want to be able to ignore all of the messages in your WordPress dashboard without having to scroll down? With the Disable Admin Notices plugin, you can remove all alerts and make more room on the dashboard for content creation.

Live Menu Item Editor

You may customize your WordPress dashboard menu item name, URL, and icon using the admin Menu Editor module. You can also modify permissions for certain user roles. For your convenience, there are over 2000 icons ready to use.

Login Customizer

WordPress comes with a Login Page Customizer that lets you customize your WordPress login page in just a few minutes using the WordPress Customizer. You can preview the outcome of your changes before saving them. There are 16 pre-designed login screen designs available to save you time.

WordPress Activity logs plugin

Have you ever wished to know what activities are taking place on your WordPress site? The Activity Log plugin allows you to keep track of everything that happens on your WordPress website. It’s like having a security camera installed at your site, which watches everything that goes on.

Disable comments in WordPress

The All-in-One WP Security & Firewall plugin’s Disable Comments module lets administrators disable comments on any post, page, or attachment page. Not only that, but you may also hide existing remarks and all comment-related dashboard choices.

Admin Pages

Create a custom Dashboard Admin page and give it to any Top Level or Sub Level Menu. You may create an admin page using any page builder.

  • Unlimited Custom Admin Pages.
  • Supports All Page Builder – Gutenberg, Elementor, Oxygen, etc
  • Restrict Custom Admin Pages for certain user roles
  • Set as Top-Level or Sub-Level Menu
  • Custom CSS and JS for Admin Pages

Admin Columns Editor

Removing unneeded Admin Columns from any post type may improve the aesthetic appeal of your interface. Add or delete columns from any post, page, category, product, or other entity.

  • Supports any Post Types
  • Taxonomy Support
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Customize Column Name, Width, Type
  • Add/Edit/Remove/Clone Admin Columns


Users may drag and drop all of their Pages, Posts, Media files, and post types into folders using the ‘Folder’ module. You may quickly arrange anything you want in any folder by dragging it around.

  • Organize your media files in Folders
  • Post/Page or any Post Types Supports for organizing content also
  • Folder Variation by Color Tags
  • Create Unlimited Folders
  • You can Sort, Delete, Rename & Create Sub Folder
  • Live Search Folder/Sub Folders by names

Menu Editor

Simply change the name, URL, and icon of the default WordPress Dashboard Menu item to customize it. You can also rearrange items, modify submenu options, display or hide various menu items, and adjust permissions.

  • Change Menu Title, URL & Custom Icon
  • Drag & Drop Organise menu items
  • Menu Permissions by User Roles
  • 5000+ Rich Icons Available
  • Submenu Customization

Menu Duplicator

If you forget to start from the beginning, it’s easy to make a mistake. Once you’ve created one menu, duplicate it to create numerous variations of your menu. You may even clone components of your menu.

  • Copy the Original Menu
  • Duplicate Menu Item
  • Change Custom Menu Title & URL
  • Multisite Support
  • WPML Support

Disable Comments

By enabling or disabling comments for specific post kinds or an entire website, you may prevent spammers and ensure the quality of comments on your site.

  • Disable comments for the post type
  • Remove Comments for Attachments
  • Dashboard “Comments” Menu Redirect to Admin
  • Remove Comment Form URL Field
  • Remove Notes Before Comment Form

Server information

It’s critical to double-check your site debug log information while working on it. It not only includes the contents of the debug file, but also .htaccess, php.ini, site, and WP config file constants.

  • Check WordPress Debug Error Log from Admin Panel
  • Necessary WordPress Site Informations
  • Real-Time PHP Memory, RAM Usage & CPU Info
  • Real-time WP Memory Usage
  • Check MySQL, .htaccess file, php.ini & robots.txt

Admin Bar Customization

For a fantastic admin dashboard atmosphere, you’ll need an expert Admin Bar. You may quickly Customize the Background with WP Adminify and reveal or hide components.

  • Show or Hide Admin Bar icons
  • Admin Bar Background Color/Gradient BG Color
  • Admin Bar Text color
  • “New” Button Customization
  • Admin Bar Top & Bottom Position

Activity Logs

Do you want to keep track of your WordPress website? This module gives you the tools you need to monitor everyone’s actions on your site. It’s basically like having a security camera that monitors everything and returns it to you.

  • Filter Logs by Specific time, Keywords, Users, Actions, File Changes
  • Check logs for every user
  • Post, Page, and Custom Post Type Updates/Changes Logs
  • Widgets and Menus Changes Logs
  • Monitor Attachment, Comments, option Add/Modify activity
  • Plugins and Themes Activation/Deactivation hook

Header & Footer Scripts

Create a single snippet for any website or particular post, page, or post type. With unlimited snippets, you may target desktop or mobile devices, set the placement, and customize many more features.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Insert Header Code or Footer Code
  • Insert any tracking JS code like Google Analytics
  • Insert on Specific Page, Post or any Customs Post Types, etc
  • Target archive or taxonomy pages

WP Adminify White Label

You may modify every branding using WP Adminify in your WordPress Dashboard. Make a better Dashboard by using your own logo, Name, URL, Description, and Author name.

  • Change “WP Adminify” Plugin Logo
  • Change “WP Adminify” Plugin Name
  • Change “WP Adminify” Plugin URL
  • Change “WP Adminify” Description
  • Change “WP Adminify” Author Name

Try WP Adminify 14 days for free.

Adminify Benefits

In this WP Adminify Review we have found soma benefits you may be interested in:

450+ Admin Custom Google Font Body Font

Custom CSS and JS Options for Admin Panel

Main Menu User Info

Sidebar Off-Canvas Panel

19 Awesome Modules

Custom Logo for WordPress Login & Register Page

Add/Remove Admin Columns for Post Types

Featured Thumbnail to Admin Post Columns

Remove Pagespeed History

Post ID to Posts and Pages Admin Columns

Check Debug Errors from Dashboard

RTL Support

Multisite Support

Multilingual Support

Light & Dark Version

70+ Third-Party Plugins Compatibility

Enable/Disable Modules

Schedule Dark Mode

Single Page Application

Prevent access to specific user role

Full Report – Mobile and Desktop

Vertical & Horizontal WordPress Dashboard Menu

Admin Bar – Top & Bottom Position

Main Menu Customization

WordPress Constants for `wp-config.php`

Rollback to Previous Version

Unlimited Sidebar Generator

Create Admin Page with any Page Builder

Control WordPress Dashboard Access by User Roles

Analyzed Pagespeed History Page

History Page Pagination

Dashboard Quick Menu

A floating Dashboard Quick Menu that may be accessed from any admin page. You may change the pre-installed menu items, as well as add new ones to meet your own needs.

Import/ Export Options Settings

You may easily Export WP Adminify Settings and import them to various Websites if you have many Sites.

70+ WordPress Tweaks

In a single click, Tweaks can be used to fix severe issues. There are several different kinds of Tweaks available for Post, Archive, Performance, Head, and More.

Admin Footer Customization

You can remove the WordPress Copyright text from this Admin Footer option panel. Other data, such as IP, Memory Limit, WP Version, and more may be displayed or hidden.

Admin Background Customization

We have a variety of Admin Background Types to choose from, including Color, Picture, Gradient, Slideshow, and Video. Choose the one that’s ideal for you and save your preferences.


Create a duplicate of your current page, post, and post type in a single click. Then update your material and publish your Post.

Dashboard UI Presets

There are nine Pre Built UI Templates to choose from. You may also use a Custom Color Picker to customize your own colors.

Footer Info

show or hide IP Address, PHP Version, WordPress Version, WP Memory Usage, WP Memory Limit, WP Memory Available.

Custom Dashboard Widgets

In the Text Editor, Shortcode, Video, and Image widgets may be used to create a dashboard widget. With any page builder such as Elementor, Oxyzen, etc., modify the Welcome Widget as desired.

Post-Types Order

Do you want to see your greatest content at the top of the page every time? This plugin will assist you in moving your chosen item to the top. It works with any WordPress post type, not just posts.

  • Dashboard Widget using Shortcode
  • Video Dashboard Widget
  • Display and customize any RSS Feed
  • Allow Dashboard widget for specific user role
  • Define Side or Normal as Widget Position
  • Drag and Drop Sortable Post/Page/Custom Post Types
  • Taxonomy Support
  • Instant Autosave
  • Media Library Sorting for List Layout
  • Select a specific post type or taxonomy

Try WP Adminify 14 days for free.

Adminify Pros

In this Adminify Review, we have found :

– Admin Columns on Post Types

– Featured Thumbnail to Admin Post Columns

– Post ID to Posts and Pages Admin Columns

– Check Debug Errors from Dashboard

– RTL Support

– Multisite Support

– Multilingual Support

– Light & Dark Version

– 70+ Third-Party Plugins Compatibility   

Adminify Cons

While Adminify is a very comprehensive and well-made plugin, it does have a few cons. One is that it can be a bit overwhelming for users who are not as technically savvy. There are a lot of options and settings to play with, and it can be tricky to figure out what does what.

Adminify Pricing

There is no free version. Adminify has 3 plans and a personalized one.

All come with a 14-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked and a 10% discount.

All plans come with all the features. The difference is the number of websites you can manage and the ability to create a “WP Adminify” White Label.

PERSONAL ($79): 1 Website.

BUSINESS ($127): 3 Websites.

AGENCY ($249): 100 Websites. White Label.

ENTERPRISE: Customised.

Try WP Adminify 14 days for free.


In this Adminify Review, we have covered the Adminify plugin for WordPress is a comprehensive tool that allows users to customize their dashboards in a variety of ways. It includes features such as admin columns, WordPress login page customizer, dashboard menu editor, and activity logs, among others. It also supports RTL languages and multisite installations.

The plugin has a 10% discount for all plans and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

You might try it out to see if it saves you time and allows you to better manage your WordPress website.

Adminify Alternatives

10Web 2.0


WordPress Admin Colors Generator

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