Dux-Soup Review: What is it, What Can You Do, What Can’t You Do, Pros & Cons, Price, Integrations, FAQ, Best & Worst User Reviews


Welcome to our independent and unbiased review of Dux-Soup. In this review, we will delve deep into what Dux-Soup is, its features, pros and cons, pricing, and much more. 

By the end of this article, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of whether Dux-Soup is the right tool for you.

What is Dux-Soup?

Dux-Soup is a leading LinkedIn automation tool designed to help users get fresh, qualified LinkedIn leads every day. It aims to grow your sales pipeline faster, allowing businesses and individuals to accelerate their growth. 

With Dux-Soup, users can automate their LinkedIn outreach, driving more leads while freeing up valuable time.

Who is Dux-Soup designed for?

Dux-Soup is designed for sales & marketing professionals, growth hackers, lead generation agencies, and business owners. 

With over 80,000 users, it caters to those looking to uncover more opportunities on LinkedIn and enjoy consistent year-on-year growth.

What can you do with Dux-Soup?

  • Network with prospects on LinkedIn.
  • Scale your outreach efforts.
  • Automate LinkedIn connection invitations.
  • Automatically view, follow, and endorse profiles.
  • Send personalized InMails and messages with custom time delays.
  • Create and manage LinkedIn outreach campaigns.

Pros of Dux-Soup:

  • Safe, secure, and transparent operations.
  • Integrates with native LinkedIn, Recruiter, or Sales Navigator accounts.
  • Provides detailed campaign statistics for optimizing LinkedIn lead generation.
  • Offers multi-channel strategies and centralized prospect management.

Cons of Dux-Soup:

“Pricing is a little higher than alternatives, which is a bummer.”
“Opens new sales navigator and LinkedIn pages on its own, I was told this is just how it is and the robot does this but it does interrupt my computer workflow.”
“Would refresh my LinkedIn page randomly and sometimes I would be typing messages on LinkedIn and dux-soup would refresh my page and everything I said would be lost.”
“It can be a little confusing to use at first. Does have a learning curve.”

Integrations available with Dux-Soup:

Dux-Soup offers integrations with various third-party tools, including Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Zapier, among others.

Pricing details for Dux-Soup:

Dux-Soup offers different plans tailored to meet the needs of individuals, teams, and digital agencies. Some of the plans include:

  • Dux-Soup Pro: Priced at $41.25/month.
  • Dux-Soup Turbo: Priced at $41.25/month.

Each edition of Dux-Soup comes with its own set of features, such as personalized and automated outreach, lead management capabilities, LinkedIn compatibility, and more.

dux-soup pricing

User feedback on Dux-Soup:

Dux-Soup Capterra Reviews

dux-soup capterra reviews
dux-soup capterra reviews

Dux-Soup G2 Reviews

dux-soup g2 reviews

Worst Reviews of Dux-Soup

The learning curve is really steep. UX is HORRIBLE

It slows down LinkedIn

Features and Capabilities:

Dux-Soup stands out for its ability to create easily scalable LinkedIn outreach campaigns. It allows users to find their perfect audience, connect and engage with them, and manage leads effectively. 

With features like campaign creation, lead management, and LinkedIn compatibility, Dux-Soup offers a comprehensive solution for LinkedIn automation.


Dux-Soup is a powerful LinkedIn automation tool that offers a range of features to help users grow their LinkedIn outreach and lead generation efforts. 

Its integrations, pricing plans, and capabilities make it a top choice for many professionals. 

We recommend Dux-Soup for anyone looking to enhance their LinkedIn marketing and sales strategies.

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