SpeedPPC Review: is this the Definitive PPC campaign creator? Features, Pricing, Alternatives, Pros & Cons (2023)

Saving time and money is critical for any business, but especially for small businesses that are working on a tight budget. When it comes to search engine marketing (SEM), managing multiple campaigns in Google Ads and Bing Ads can be extremely time-consuming and expensive if not done correctly.

Fortunately, there are a number of tools and services available that can help.

The right platform can make a big difference in your business. It can help you save time, money, and headaches.

But with so many options out there when managing your SEM campaigns, how do you choose the right one that has the features you need?

SpeedPPC is a great online course platform to consider for businesses of all sizes.

In this SpeedPPC review, I’ll look at the features and benefits that make this platform stand out from the rest.

Let’s dive right into this review.

What is SpeedPPC?

SpeedPPC is a PPC campaign builder. It will create and help you manage automatically your PPC campaigns in Google Ads and Bing Ads

It will dramatically scale your Quality Score, so better Ads, better Campaigns, increased CTR, increased Conversion Rates, and decreased cost overall with its very small, tightly focused single theme (and keyword) ad groups.

Try SpeedPPC free for 14 days.

SpeedPPC Benefits

Build Campaigns Faster

PPC campaigns can be scaled up rather quickly with a little skill and time. All you need is a bit of cleverness from SpeedPPC to automate the process. Create more lucrative advertising campaigns in less time.

More Traffic, Lower Costs

High-performing, highly relevant, and tightly targeted campaigns are the name of the game with SpeedPPC. This means you’ll get lower CPCs and higher Quality Scores. As a result, you’ll be able to acquire more traffic for the same budget.

Increase Conversion Rates

The closer the original search term to the ad text and landing page, the higher your conversion rates will be. SpeedPPC makes it simple and quick to do so.

Improve Click-Through Rates (CTR)

Naturally, if your ad text is tightly connected to your keywords, you will improve your click-through rates, lowering your costs.

Improve Quality Score

Google and Bing, and basically all Search Engines give you a high-quality rating, lower ad expenses, and increased ad positions as a result of utilizing SpeedPPC.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

Take a more methodical approach to long-tail search terms. Take out your sniper rifle and aim your long-tail keywords with precision. You’ll clean up every time if you utilize better ad copy that exactly matches each long-tail keyword research.


Expand New Converting Keywords

Keywords are the lifeblood of any search campaign. By not bidding on all of the keywords we should be, most people are missing out on excellent traffic (and money) at any given moment.

SpeedPPC helps ramp your campaigns with 7 different keyword and competitor research tools.

Competitor Audits

How would you want to find out what keywords your competitors are bidding on? We can’t exactly do that, but we can come close. Our competitor analysis solutions monitor 120 million keywords across 46 million domains to provide the knowledge you need.

Try SpeedPPC free for 14 days.

SpeedPPC Features

No restrictions at all on the number of campaigns you can create.

Manage multiple campaigns at once from one place.

We don’t charge more based on how much you spend.

Add as many keywords as you like!

Create as many ads as you like!

We don’t restrict you on your campaign size.

Create Google Ads and Bing Ads (or Microsoft Ads) campaigns easily.

Manage Multiple Campaigns at once.

speedppc campaign creator

Improve All your Text Ads

Create call-only ads as well.

Create infinite Responsive Search Ads

SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Groups) Campaigns

Create perfectly balanced thematic campaigns as well (100% PPC campaign builder integration).

Create competitor domain campaigns for that outreach opportunity brand traffic.

Pair Campaigns is totally unique to SpeedPPC where you can create some super creative campaigns

Combine up to Four Keyword Lists Have the power to combine up to 4 lists (one seed and 3 expansions) for total dominance.

Save and organize all your keyword sets within SpeedPPC.

Save Ad Sets so you don’t have to retype ads, just save it as an ad set and reuse it whenever!

Create both bid and negative keywords.

Focused Keyword Research.

Create a unique ID for every keyword to ensure clean analytics.

Clean up your keyword lists automatically upon build.

Clean Bad Characters

Ultimate flexibility in how your keywords combine together.

Granular power over how you handle spacing.

13 Different Ad Tokens Power and flexibility for creating the most relevant text ads.

Nested fallback options when your keywords get too long.

Version History & Rollback. The ultimate level of Tests A/B

Organize Campaigns using Folders Keep

Duplicate Campaigns Fast and easily

Optional Add-on: Research Tools

Keyword & Competitor Research

Interrogate Competitor Tool to see exactly what your competitors are doing and learn what works and what doesn’t.

Compare yourself (or someone else) to a competitor. Find opportunities and weak points.

Expand your keywords to grow your campaigns.

Keyword Suggestion Tool will suggest new keywords to hit new pockets of profit.

Competitor Landscape Tool will show you all the competitors within your niche and how they compare.

Potential Ad Placement Tool to find new placement opportunities.

Competitor Text Ad Spy See what text ads are working for your competitors for “inspiration”.

117 Geo Databases

790 Million Domains

19 Billion Keywords

SpeedPPC Pricing Plans

All plans come with a 14-day free trial!

You have 2 different Plans:

PRO ($69/mo $414/year – save 50%!)

Unlimited Campaigns. Unlimited Builds. Unlimited Campaign Spend. Unlimited Keywords. Unlimited Ads. No Campaign Size Restrictions. Google Ad Campaigns. Microsoft Ad Campaigns. 13 Different Ad Tokens. Campaign Collaboration. Version History & Rollback. 3 users. Research Add-on: $30 p/m

AGENCY ($199/mo $1194/year – save 50%!)

Unlimited Campaigns. Unlimited Builds. Unlimited Campaign Spend. Unlimited Keywords. Unlimited Ads. No Campaign Size Restrictions. Google Ad Campaigns. Microsoft Ad Campaigns. 13 Different Ad Tokens. Campaign Collaboration. Version History & Rollback. 50 users. Research Add-on: $100 p/m

Both plans have the same features, only changing the number of users and the Research Add-on.

speedppc pricing
speedppc pricing

Try SpeedPPC free for 14 days.

SpeedPPC Pros & Cons

SpeedPPC Pros 

– Easy to use

– No restrictions on campaigns or keywords

– Ads and landing pages are created automatically

– Competitor analysis features

SpeedPPC Cons

– No restrictions on campaigns or keywords can be a pro and con, depending on how you use the tool

– Competitor analysis features are helpful but could be improved

SpeedPPC Alternatives

Adlucent is the leading digital marketing agency focused on growing profitability through cross-channel solutions.

Optmyzr is a PPC optimization platform for search marketing consultants, agencies, and in-house teams. 

AdScale enables e-Commerce stores to create and optimize advertising campaigns across Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Display, Facebook, and Instagram.

Is SpeedPPC worth it?

SpeedPPC is a powerful PPC campaign creator that offers many features and benefits, including unlimited campaigns and keywords, automated ad and landing page creation, competitor analysis tools, and more. While it does have some cons (such as no restrictions on campaigns or keywords), overall SpeedPPC is a great tool for creating profitable PPC campaigns quickly and easily

Try SpeedPPC free for 14 days.

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