NetHunt Review. A CRM for sales & marketing. 100% Integrated with Gmail & LinkedIn

NetHunt. A CRM for sales & marketing. 100% Integrated with Gmail & LinkedIn

What is NetHunt CRM?

NetHunt CRM is a sales automation tool that helps you manage leads, nurture customer relations, monitor sales progress, and close more deals.

Who is NetHunt CRM for?

Business of all sizes.

Sales Teams.

What can you do with NetHunt CRM?

Sales automation

Say goodbye to laborious data entry and repetitive tasks.

Omni-channel communication

Connect all in one place:

Email conversations

Phone calls

Online chats


Social media


NetHunt fully integrates with Gmail ,Google Workspace apps, and LinkedIn. It also has a mobile app.

What do we like about NetHunt CRM?

Lead Capture (linkedin + gmail integration) is top class. Which leads me to that we can have very good and clean data in our CRM.

Automated workflows (could be even better, but it’s good): I use workflows to automate de-duplication of contacts and companies, which leads me to have good data in the crm.

Integration to Linkedin: this saves me a lot of time when entering data.

Integration to Gcal + gmail : this saves me a lot of time tracking activity.

Versatility. I can customize it to fit my exact business needs. I can create custom fields, forms, and views, which gives me the freedom to organize and manage my data in a way that makes sense for my specific requirements. It’s like having a CRM that adapts to my unique workflow.

Collaboration: I can easily work together with my team, sharing data and collaborating on leads, deals, and customer interactions. It keeps us all on the same page and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. It’s a real game-changer for teamwork and coordination, which ultimately leads to better customer relationship management and overall efficiency.

Free trial + No Credit Card required.

What do we NOT like about NetHunt CRM?

– It should allow for “open in a new window” of deals, so I can quickly go through all leads and write them, with fewer clicks. Or, find me another UX for that.

– IF I add contact via linkedin, and then contact writes me on email, I should be able to automatically map the two. Which is not the case today.

It lacks more advanced or customizable reporting options. This can be a drawback for businesses that require in-depth insights and analytics to track their sales performance and make data-driven decisions.

Lack of third-party integrations. While NetHunt CRM offers seamless integration with Gmail, its integration options with other popular business tools and platforms may be more limited compared to other CRM systems. This could be a downside for businesses that heavily rely on specific integrations for their workflow and collaboration.

NetHunt CRM Pricing

NetHunt CRM pricing


In a nutshell, NetHunt CRM’s seamless integration with Gmail, customizable options, user-friendly interface, and collaboration features are what make it shine.

It’s an invaluable tool for businesses like mine that want to elevate their customer relationship management game and streamline their processes. I highly recommend giving it a try!


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