The 3 Phases that all brutally successful prospecting strategies share

Every prospecting process must have, at least, these 3 phases

A good message

A good client

A good closing

What is a good message in a nutshell?

The message is, properly speaking, what you send to your prospect.

That text that makes them pay attention

That thex that makes them nod mentally

That text that makes them want to read more

That text that makes them want to learn more

Ultimately, that makes them see a solution to their problems

Maybe you are thinking that you are not creative enough
that you don´t what to write

that you don´t know what to say

Well The truth is you only need time

Time and knowing what you are looking for

To write a good message you just need to:

And it’s that every time you want to write a good message you must go through, at least, these 4 stages:

Identify your customer avatar (or common fears)

An Internal Resarch

An External Research

And a clear call to action

For the first stage, the customer avatar (or pain points)

This will depend on your product or service but ultimately you always have to know who you are writing it to

If your product is an anti-acne cream suited for teenage girls… yes, by all means, create a customer avatar.

In the vast majority of cases your client may be a 40-year-old divorced man who smokes and is overweight or a 30-year-old single executive woman with no children.

In these cases what will work best for you is to find their pain points

And by pain points I mean what doesn’t let them be in peace?

what wakes them up in the middle of the night thinking about how to fix it?

That’s what you have to discover

How can you discover those secrets?

With internal and external research

By Internal Research, I mean everything related to your product or service.

What problem does it solve?

Any characteristics?


Does it have something that makes it unique?

Why you and not a competitor?

What is your customer life time?

Those type of questions

Answer them

And by External Research I mean:

Search Google, search Amazon Read customer reviews and comments Read forums, magazines Watch videos, listen to podcasts

Any place

Here you will find your prospect language

Your customer´s internal conversation

Now that you have the right message, it is time to shape it!

You can rely on templates and formulas

Such as PAS (problem agitate solution) AIDA (Attention interest desire action)

Here are some of the most famous ones, simply adapt them to your case

And finally, the last step

One of the most important

You need to tell them what to do

In a clear and concise way

For example, respond to this email Call here things like that

Where can you Search for your ideal client

Now that you have completed the message, let’s go to the easiest part, which is to look where your prospect is

And I say the easiest because, currently, there are thousands of options

If you sell services or are B2B a place where you will not lack prospects will be LinkedIn Just put a few filters and you’re done

These are the 4 things to consider when prospecting: budget, authority, need, time

Does the client have a budget to dedicate to us?

Who decides?

If not, find whoever does

Does he really need our product or service?

When does he need it by?

Because if it’s for tomorrow, or for within 4 years, then it’s probably not possible or interesting

All you need is a LinkedIn account (always go with the premium one, there is 1 free month if you are on a budget)
And an automation LinkedIn tool

The tools are, for the most part 95% the same

The big difference is the risk of being banned from LinkedIn and the quality of the leads

This is the safest & with the best results (IMO), it has a free trial:

The best all-around


And this one is if you are in a budget

How to Close all those Prospects properlly

You sent the perfect message

To the ideal prospect

They have contacted you

Now comes the last part, the closing

Your priority is not to waste time and not to waste the time of the person in front of you

Say every objection that serves to discard as soon as possible

If your price is high, say it soon If your product doesn’t work on full moon nights, say it first If your service doesn’t include 24 hours, say it

Say all the bad things soon So, if they are still interested, you have already addressed those objections And if not, you have saved a lot of time Time that you will dedicate to the next prospect

Here I have left you the big steps to follow, explaining why It also has a mindset part

You have the script now

You just have to adapt it to your case

And automate it

For running it 24h/, I recommend you to check any of these LinkedIn Automation Tools

Good day and good sales


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