Stackby Review: A Game-Changer for Spreadsheet and Database Management

Stackby is a versatile work platform that integrates the simplicity of spreadsheets with the robust functionalities of databases. It’s designed to keep your data, teams, and workflows synchronized effortlessly. With no coding or training required, it’s a powerful tool for businesses looking to streamline their operations. Trusted by over 30,000 companies in more than 150 countries, Stackby promises to revolutionize how you manage your data.

Stackby Key Features and Benefits

1. Ease of Use

– No Coding Required: Users can create, collaborate, and automate workflows without any programming skills.

– Quick Start: Import data from Excel or Google Sheets or use pre-built templates to get started in minutes.

2. Customizable Solutions

– Versatile Column Types: Over 25 unique column data types to tailor your database to your specific needs.

– Flexible Data Views: Six different data views (Table, Grouping, Kanban, Calendar, Gallery, Forms) to visualize and organize information effectively.

3. Automation and Integration

– Built-In Integrations: Connect columns to various services, automate data pulling, and refresh in real-time.

– Save Time and Money: Automations can save users up to 9 hours per week, reducing manual data entry and updating tasks.

4. Enhanced Collaboration

– Powerful Reporting: Build custom dashboards to track progress and performance.

– Granular Permissions: Share specific views with team members, ensuring everyone has access to the right information.

5. Customer Feedback

– Positive Reviews: Users appreciate the platform’s ease of use, customer support, and affordability.

– Competitor Edge: Stackby is often compared favorably to other platforms like Airtable for its added functionalities and user-friendly interface.

Stackby Cons

1. Learning Curve for New Users

– Despite being user-friendly, some new users might initially struggle to understand the full range of features and integrations.

2. Limited Offline Capabilities

– Users need a reliable internet connection to access and update their databases, which can be a drawback in areas with poor connectivity.

3. Integration Complexity

– While integrations are powerful, configuring them can be complex for users unfamiliar with API settings and workflows.

4. Feature Overload

– The vast array of features can be overwhelming for smaller teams or businesses that may not need all the advanced functionalities.

5. Customization Limitations

– Although highly customizable, there are some constraints in how much users can modify the look and feel of their databases beyond the provided templates and views.

Stackby Pricing

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Stackby Templates

Stackby Reviews


Stackby is a powerful and flexible tool that combines the best aspects of spreadsheets and databases. Its ease of use, comprehensive features, and automation capabilities make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. While there are some pain points, particularly for new users and those needing offline access, the benefits far outweigh these drawbacks. Stackby is a worthy investment for any organization looking to improve data management and team collaboration.

Stackby FAQs

1. How easy is it to migrate data to Stackby?

– It’s straightforward; you can import data from Excel or Google Sheets within minutes.

2. Do I need coding skills to use Stackby?

– No, Stackby is designed to be a no-code solution, making it accessible to everyone.

3. Can I use Stackby offline?

– Currently, Stackby requires an internet connection for data access and updates.

4. What kind of support does Stackby offer?

– Stackby offers excellent customer support, with many users praising the responsiveness and helpfulness of the team.

5. Is Stackby suitable for small businesses?

– Yes, its affordability and ease of use make it ideal for small businesses, though the extensive features also cater to larger organizations.


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